Use Profile Manager

Mobile device management
Manage Profile Manager tasks, Remove a device, Get information about devices and device groups, Get information about managed user groups, Get information about managed users, Associate devices with users, Manage device groups, Manage device enrollment and setup experience, Restrict device enrollment, Provide access to the user portal.

Distribute apps and books
Remove all assigned apps from users, View assigned apps, Push purchased apps and books to users and user groups, Send an invitation to user-assigned devices, Invite groups to enroll in VPP managed distribution, Invite users to enroll in VPP managed distribution, Managed distribution.

Getting started using profiles
Distribute profiles manually, Distribute profiles automatically, Send configuration profiles, Rename a configuration profile, Create and edit configuration profiles, Add an enrollment profile to an image, Create an enrollment profile, Deploy a trust profile, Sign configuration profiles, Get AirPrint printer information.

Configuration profile reference
OS X–only payloads, iOS–only payloads, iOS and OS X combined payloads, Activation Lock settings, General settings.