General settings

Use the general payload to define the name and identifier of a profile, and to specify when the users can remove the profile after it is installed.

Note: The general payload is required for all configuration profiles. For information, see About profiles and payloads and Payload best practices.



Profile Distribution Type

Select if this profile is for managed devices or distributed to users for them to install manually. For managed devices, when you save the configuration profile, it’s immediately queued for all assigned devices, users, and groups. If you choose manual installation, you can set the Security options that determine if the profile can be removed by the user.


The name of your organization, which helps users identify the source of this profile.


The purpose of the profile. A description is useful if you manage profiles using a mobile device management solution that queries devices for the installed profiles. This description is shown in Settings on the iOS device, or in the Profiles preference pane in OS X.


Choose an option from the pop-up menu to prevent a user from deleting a profile installed on a device. Use the With Authorization option to specify an authorization password that lets the profile be removed from the device. If you choose Never, the profile can be updated with a new version, but it can’t be removed from the device by the user.

Automatically Remove Profile

Choose when to remove this profile from the device. You can choose to not automatically remove this profile, to remove this profile on a specific date, or to remove the profile after a specific length of time from when it’s installed.