Directory settings

Use the Directory payload to add directory servers to the user’s Mac.

Note: Use the directory payload for OS X device and device group configuration profiles. For more information, see About profiles and payloads and Payload best practices.

You can configure multiple Open Directory, LDAP, and Active Directory servers. Click Add add button to create additional configurations.

The directory server must be available to the Mac when the profile is installed, or installation will fail. To add LDAP servers for iOS devices, use the LDAP payload instead.

For more information about using an Active Directory payload, see Directory Utility Help in OS X.

You can add multiple directory connections by clicking the Add button Add Payload button.


On Mac computers you can use the following variables in the Directory payload. These variables are resolved on the device during installation, letting you dynamically customize fields. You can combine these variables with static text, such as Mac.%ComputerName%, to create a compound name.




The computer’s name, as set in System Preferences > Sharing


The computer’s unique identifier


The computer’s DNS name, such as


The computer’s local network name, such as Mac1.local


The computer’s Ethernet (en0) MAC address


The computer’s serial number