Login Window settings

Use the Login Window payload to set preferences for user login, control the user’s ability to restart and shut down the Mac from the login window, and set the appearance of the login window.

Note: Use the Login Window payload for OS X device, user, and user group configuration profiles. For more information, see About profiles and payloads and Payload best practices.

Choose from Window, Options, Access, and Script settings.




Show additional information in the menu bar

When this option is off, it disables cycling through the host name, OS X version, and IP address when the menu bar is clicked.


Enter a message that’s displayed above the login prompt. You might use this to provide a warning about unauthorized use.

Login Prompt

Select the options you’d like users to see, such as the type of accounts available for selection and if the Restart and Shutdown buttons are available.


Use the Options pane to specify miscellaneous settings for login options and features.


Use the Access pane to specify users and groups that can use Mac computers that have this profile installed.


Use the Scripts pane to enable custom scripts you write that run when users log in and out.