Mobility settings

Use the Mobility payload to let users with a network account create a local copy of their network home folder for use when they’re not connected to the network.

Note: Use the Mobility payload for OS X device, user, and user group configuration profiles. For more information, see About profiles and payloads and Payload best practices.

A portable home directory is a synced subset of a user’s network home folder. You can configure which folders to sync and how often to sync them. By syncing key folders, users can work on or off the network and have their latest versions of documents and settings. Mobile accounts also cache authentication information and managed preferences. This lets users log in using the same user name and password, even if they aren’t connected to the network.

Account creation



Create mobile account when user logs in to network account

When this option is selected, the user’s home directory on the server isn’t created until he or she logs in to his or her server account. The confirmation option lets users skip the creation process if they choose.

Create home using

Choose to use sync settings or be a mobile account.

Encrypt contents with FileVault

You can enable FileVault disk encryption for the user’s local home folder and restrict the size of the local home folder.

Home folder location

Specifies the path where the network home folder is created. You can specify the startup volume or another path.

Account expiration



Delete mobile accounts

Lets you specify how soon the mobile accounts are deleted after disuse.




Preference Sync

You can sync and exclude files in the sync set and specify when syncing occurs.

Home Sync

You can sync and exclude files in the sync set and specify when syncing occurs.


You can set how often files are synced when the device is connected to the server.