Parental Controls settings

Use this payload to control access to content, limit the amount of daily Mac use, and restrict the hours when the Mac can be used.

Note: Use the Parental Controls payload for OS X device, user, and user group configuration profiles. For more information, see About profiles and payloads and Payload best practices.

Content filtering

With content filtering, you can disable dictation. You can also hide profane words in both the dictionary and dictation. If you do so, these words aren’t shown in the Dictionary app in OS X or in the apps that use the word list.

You can also restrict URL access, such as for web browsers, by blocking or allowing specific URLs, or by letting OS X attempt to block adult websites. The built-in filter attempts to block adult sites, but it isn’t always possible to determine which sites contain inappropriate content.

When users visit a site that’s blocked or filtered, a message appears in their web browser that tells them their access is restricted.

Limit access to websites by trying to limit access to adult websites:



Allow URLs

Add URLs to this list to allow access to certain websites, even if they’re considered adult by the automatic filter. If you leave this list empty, access is allowed to all non-adult websites except for those listed in Deny URLs.

Deny URLs

Add URLs to this list to deny access to certain websites. Users can’t visit these sites even if they’re considered non-adult by the automatic filter.

For any websites entered in any area, start the URL with https:// or http://. If necessary, add separate entries for https:// and http:// versions of the same URL.

Time limits

You can set the cumulative number of hours per weekday, and for each weekend day, that the user can access the Mac. Additionally, you can specify curfew hours during which the user is prevented from using the Mac.

During restricted hours, or when the daily time limit is reached, users can’t log in.