Invite groups to enroll in VPP managed distribution

You can send a group an email notifying them apps are available for installing and books are available for downloading.

Before you send an email invitation, you may want to assign apps and books to groups. For information, see Managed distribution.

Note: Apps are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. If you don’t have enough copies of an app or a book for the number of users in a group, those apps or books are assigned in chronological order according to when users accepted VPP managed distribution enrollment.

  1. Create groups or bind to another supported directory service. For information, see Create a group in Server Help.

  2. Install the Volume Purchase Program service token. For information, see View app and book purchases in Server Help.

  3. Use the Profile Manager sidebar to select the group, and then click the About tab.

    A window appears showing information about that group.

  4. Click the VPP Managed Distribution triangle if necessary, select Enable VPP Managed Distribution Services then click Save.

    You can then select from users not previously invited or users that haven’t yet enrolled.

  5. Click “Send email invitation,” review the confirmation dialog, and then click Send.

    Users in the group receive a mail message that includes a Sign In button. If the user accepts the invitation and has not set up an iTunes account, he or she must enter an Apple ID account name and password. If the account is set up, only the Apple ID password is required. Once a user agrees to the terms and conditions, you can assign apps and books to that user. Apps appear in the user’s Purchases list in the App Store. Books appear in iBooks. The user also appears as “enrolled” in the VPP Managed Distribution section in Profile Manager.

Note: You must have port 25 open on your firewall for Profile Manager to send the invitation to users. If you want to use your mail server as a relay, select “Relay outgoing mail through ISP” in the Mail service and enter your outgoing mail server name in the window.