Push purchased apps and books to users and user groups

Apps and books you purchase through the VPP can be pushed to users’ and groups’ devices automatically.

  1. Create users or bind to another supported directory service. For information, see Create a user account or Create a group in Server Help.

  2. Install the Volume Purchase Program service token. For information, see View app and book purchases in Server Help.

  3. Use the Profile Manager sidebar to select the user or group, and then click Apps or click Books.

    A window appears showing all apps (or books) assigned to that user or group.

  4. Choose Push VPP Apps or Push VPP Books from the Action pop-up menu Action pop-up menu.

    A window appears letting you select apps to push for that user or group.

    Note: Both In-house enterprise apps and books are pushed automatically.

  5. Select the apps or books you want to push, click OK, and then click Save.

    The selected apps or books begin to download to the associated devices. Active Tasks in the sidebar shows the status of this task.

    Note: If any apps that aren’t already installed on a device are pushed using the Push VPP Apps task, they’ll be automatically removed when a user un-enrolls from MDM.