Create an enrollment profile

Enrollment profiles let you quickly add managed devices without users needing to log in and enroll the devices. This makes it easy to set up devices that are shared, such as in a lab, or devices that must be reconfigured regularly.

Create an enrollment profile

When a device installs an enrollment profile, Profile Manager enrolls the device, and then sends the configuration profiles you assign to it and its device group. The user doesn’t need to authenticate or log in to Profile Manager’s user portal. For security reasons, you can restrict the enrollment Profile so it can only be used by devices for which you added a placeholder record in Profile Manager.

  1. To create an enrollment profile, click Add add button at the bottom of the Profile Manager sidebar, and then choose Enrollment Profile from the pop-up menu.

  2. To restrict the use of the enrollment profile to devices for which you entered a placeholder record, turn on “Restrict use to devices with placeholders.”

    Device placeholders are defined by the device’s unique identifiers, such as its serial number. For more information, see Add iOS devices and Mac computers manually.

  3. Click Save to add the enrollment profile to your Library, which activates the enrollment profile for use. If you need to invalidate it and prevent it from being used, delete it from your Library.

  4. To download the enrollment profile so you can distribute it to users in email, click Download.

    Users install the profile by opening it on their devices. You can see how many devices have used an enrollment profile, and see the details of each device in the Usage pane.