Deploy a trust profile

Trust profiles indicate which mobile device management servers to trust.

A trust profile installed on an iOS or OS X device tells the device to trust a specific mobile device management server, such as Profile Manager. To deploy a trust profile, use Profile Manager’s administration portal. Make sure Profile Manager is on, and then follow the steps below.

Deploy a trust profile

  1. In your web browser, enter the URL for Profile Manager, or click the Open Profile Manager link in the Profile Manager pane of the Server app.

  2. Log in to Profile Manager using an administrator account.

  3. Choose Download Trust Profile from the Administrator menu.

  4. Click the Download button to download the trust profile to your server.

  5. Send that trust profile in a mail message to Mac or iOS users for installation on their devices, or direct them to download and install it from the user portal.

    After the trust profile (named “Trust Profile for [organization name]”) is installed, the device will trust information from Profile Manager.

As certificates change or expire, you can send a new trust profile.