Rename a configuration profile

When you create a profile, the name is automatically “Settings for [User, Group, or Device name].”

The name you specify appears in the profiles list and appears on the device once the configuration profile is installed. The name doesn’t need to be unique, but you should use a descriptive name that identifies the profile, such as “Security Configurations,” “Service Settings,” or “Organizational Policies.” For better profile management, you may also want to use a device name in the profile, such as “iPad Configurations” or “OS X Settings.”

The profile’s name is important because it ‘s used to create an identifier for the profile.

When a profile is installed, the identifier is compared with other profiles on the device. If the identifier is unique, information in the profile is added to the device. If the identifier matches an installed profile, information in the profile replaces the settings on the device, except for Microsoft Exchange settings. To alter an Exchange account, the profile must first be manually removed so data associated with the account can be purged.

  1. In Profile Manager, select the device, user, or group that has the profile you want to rename.

  2. If it’s not already selected, click the Settings tab.

  3. Double-click the desired profile’s icon, or click the profile’s Edit button.

    The profile configuration window appears.

  4. Double-click the title in the profile configuration window.

    Make your changes, press return, and then click OK to save the change.