Get information about managed user groups

You can view detailed information about managed user groups.

You can get information about a group, such as what apps and devices users in the group have assigned to them, and what management options have been placed on them using configuration profiles.

  1. In the Profile Manager sidebar, select Groups.

  2. Select a group in the list, then click a tab to view information about the group:

    About: Shows possible user portal and device enrollment restrictions for the group, any nested group membership, and if apps and books are assigned to the group.

    Settings: Shows the settings installed for the group and the enrollment settings for using Activation Lock.

    Apps: Displays apps assigned to the user group.

    Books: Displays books assigned to the user group.

    Members: Shows which users and other user groups belong to the group.

    Activity: Shows that group’s recent activity with Profile Manager. Use this to confirm that a group has the latest settings installed or that their devices have responded to your task requests.