Import a device list

Instead of adding devices to Profile Manager one at a time, you can upload a file in comma-separated values (CSV) format.

Once the file is uploaded, placeholders for each of the devices appear in the device list. The file has certain requirements and options:

  • The column titles can’t contain spaces.

  • The device name and at least one additional identifier is required for each device.

  • The file can be a mix of any number or type of character identifiers for each device name and can contain kanji characters.

iOS requirements

For iOS devices, these identifiers appear in Settings > General > About and in iTunes when the device is connected:

  • DeviceName

  • SerialNumber

  • IMEI

  • MEID

  • UDID

In addition to DeviceName, one other identifier is required.

OS X requirements

These identifiers appear when you choose Apple Menu > About This Mac:

  • DeviceName

  • SerialNumber

Apple TV requirements

These identifiers appear on Apple TV when you go to Settings > General > About. Press Up on the remote until the ID is displayed:

  • DeviceName

  • Bonjour Device ID (similar to a MAC address ID, such as ab:12:ab:12:ab:12)

Import the file

  1. In the Profile Manager sidebar, select Devices.

  2. Click Add add button, and then select Import Placeholders.

  3. Select the CSV text file, and then click Choose.