Manage device groups

You can group devices together to share configuration profiles and apps. Device groups can be members of other groups.In the Profile Manager sidebar, select Device Groups.

  • To create a device group, click Add add button under the groups list, and then enter a name for the group.

  • To remove a device group, select a group, click Delete, and then confirm that you want to delete the group.

  • To add devices or device groups to a group, select the group and do the following:

    1. Click Add add button under the Device Groups list, then choose Add Devices or Add Device Groups.

    2. In the dialog, click Add to add a specific device or device group, and then click Done.

      You can filter the list or you can choose Add All.

  • To act on the devices in the group, select a device group, and then choose a task from the Action pop-up menu Action pop-up menu.

    • Rename device

    • Lock device

    • Wipe device

    • Update information

    • Install OS updates

    • Clear passcode

    • Clear restrictions passcode

    • Change admin password

    • Push books

    • Push apps

    • Remove apps

    • Remove books

    • Allow Activation Lock

    • Remove Activation Lock

    • Request AirPlay mirroring

    • Stop AirPlay mirroring

  • Tasks in the Action pop-up menu may vary depending on the state of management of the device.